Collaborating with other workspaces

In addition to sharing your work with the whole team, you can share your work with any member of the team. This collaboration is useful when you want to share your work with a specific team member for review.

Before you begin

Before you change the flow target, you must create a repository workspace.

About this task

The project work that you deliver from your repository workspace is displayed in the Incoming changes folder of your team member.


To share your work with another workspace:

  1. In the Pending Changes tool window, right-click a repository workspace and click Change Flow Target.
  2. In the Select a Stream or Workspace window, click Workspace.
  3. In Matching items, select the repository workspace that belongs to a team member.
  4. Click OK.
    This repository workspace is now the current flow target for your repository workspace.


If any component in your workspace contains change sets that are not present in the current flow target, then those change sets are in the Outgoing folder of the component. If the current flow target contains change sets that are not present in a component in your workspace, those change sets are displayed in the Incoming folder of the component.