Work item promotion

Use work item promotion to promote a single change request or set of change requests based on one or more work items.

Use work item-based promotion to promote a single change set or set of change sets; for example, if you made fix X, you can promote just the source changes and outputs for fix X. Compare this to component promotion, which promotes an entire component, including source, source code data, outputs, and build maps.

Work item promotion
Considers all of the buildable files in a selected change set, takes the latest related build maps, and determines whether those changes can be promoted based on the states of all the files involved. No target builds are requested with work item promotions.
Component promotion
Replaces the target component with the source component, and the target source code data with the entire source code data. Component promotion compares all of the source build maps and target build maps, and promotes any source build map that has not already been promoted, along with the outputs listed in it. Target builds are automatically requested with component promotions.

To promote artifacts based on work items, the following tasks are required:

  • Configure the project area to enable work item promotion.
  • Create a promotion definition to copy the source to the target.
  • Use the Promote Work Items wizard.
Note: When the work item promotion performs a validation of the build map of the files that are promoted (when promoting with binaries or when the promotion is configured to validate build maps in sources only promotion), if the target build definition is enabled for additional input flows, the promotion logic will attempt to validate the build maps inputs state in all of the accept flows of the target build workspace. See Resolving dependencies from components in a different stream.
See the following video demonstrations for more details about work item promotion: