Creating a promotion definition

Create a promotion definition to move source code and dependency build outputs from a source level to a target level in the promotion hierarchy.

Before you begin

A promotion definition uses source and target dependency build definitions to determine where the source code, build outputs, and build maps should move to or from. If there are no source and target dependency build definitions, create them. For the source dependency build definition, ensure that the conditions in Running dependency builds on z/OS and IBM i systems are met, and then follow the steps in Creating a dependency build definition. The target dependency build definition will likely be identical to the source dependency build definition except for the build workspace and a different data set prefix (the high-level qualifier) on z/OS® systems or library on IBM® i systems. Build the source by requesting a build of the source dependency build definition.


  1. To create a promotion definition, from the Team Artifacts view, expand the Enterprise Extensions node in your project area. Right-click Promotions and select New promotion definition.
  2. In the New Promotion Definition panel, Browse to select the project or team area in which to create the definition.
  3. If you have an existing promotion definition in your project and want to use that definition to create a new definition, click Create a promotion definition by copying an existing definition, select the existing promotion definition to copy. Click Finish.
    The Promotion Definition editor opens.
  4. If you want to create a new promotion definition, click Create a new promotion definition and click Next.
    1. In the General Information panel, enter a name for the promotion definition in the ID field, optionally enter a description. In the Promotion Platforms section, select IBM i or z/OS. Click Next.
    2. Optional. If you want to configure pre-build or post-build UNIX commands or Ant scripts, select Pre-Build Command Line and Post-Build Command Line.
      Note: Adding pre-build and post-build UNIX commands and Ant scripts is not a common practice for IBM i builds. You cannot use the pre-build and post-build command line options for IBM i commands. To add IBM i pre-build and post-build commands, after you create the promotion definition, go to the IBM i promotion tab of the promotion definition editor and add the commands to the Pre-command and Post-command fields in the Platform section.
    3. On the Additional Configuration panel, select any of the following options:
      This option provides general configuration settings, such as a deletion policy, for this promotion definition. You can modify these settings from the Overview tab of the promotion definition editor.
      Job Output Publishing (z/OS only)
      Use this option to publish job outputs from the promotion. You can change the publishing configuration settings from the Job Output Publishing tab of the promotion definition editor.
      This option allows you to set the build schedule for this promotion definition. You can modify the schedule from the Schedule tab of the promotion definition editor.
      E-mail notification
      Use this option to create a list of people who will be notified for build events. You can change the notification list later from the E-mail Notification tab of the promotion definition editor.
    4. Click Finish.
      The Promotion Definition editor opens.

What to do next

Customizing promotion settings