Lesson 2.1: Create an administrative user

In this lesson, you will use the administrative web user interface to create a Jazz® administrative user that the ClearQuest® Synchronizer Setup Wizard can use to log in to the Jazz Team Server and create synchronization rules.

Before you begin

The Jazz Team Server must have been set up. If it has not been set up, see Running the setup wizard.

About this task

To create an administrative user:


  1. Click Start > All Programs > IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management > Start Jazz Team Server.
  2. In a web browser, enter the URL for the administrative web user interface. For example, https://example.com:9443/ccm/admin.
  3. Enter ADMIN for both the user ID and password at the login page.
  4. Click Users. On the Active Users page, click Create User.
  5. Enter a name, such as jazzadmin, for the administrative user, as shown below. Because this account is just for this tutorial, you might want to use the same name for the password so that it is easy to remember.
    This image is a screen capture of the Create user window. It shows the User ID, Name, Password, and E-mail Address fields filled in.

    In the Client Access Licenses section, select Engineering Workflow Management – Developer. Click Save.