Creating a Jazz administrative user for the synchronization process

Before you can create a ClearCase® Synchronized Stream, you must create a Jazz administrative user with credentials that the synchronization process can use to access your team or project area.

About this task

License note: To perform the task described here, a team typically creates a special user who is assigned the ClearCase Synchronizer Client Access License.

The Jazz administrative user for the synchronization process provides Jazz® Team Server repository credentials that are used by the synchronization process. This user requires a special type of client access license and must never be used by a team member to connect to the repository. A Jazz Team Server repository administrator must create this user.


  1. Follow the procedures in Adding and modifying users to create a user account.
    • The user name can be set to any string (for example,Jazz administrative user).
    • The preferred user ID for this user is ccsync, and it is selected in the New ClearCase-Synchronized Stream wizard by default. You can specify a different user ID in the wizard if necessary.
  2. Assign JazzUser repository permissions to the ccsync user ID.
  3. Assign a ClearCase Synchronizer Client Access License to the ccsync ID. For more information, see Client access license management overview.