Configuring traceability from work items to GitHub commits

You can configure GitHub to enable linking of Git commits to IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) work items.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have completed the tasks described in Configuring the basic integration with GitHub Enterprise.

A shared user base, such as a common LDAP, between EWM and the GitHub Enterprise server is optional. It is recommended to add an EWM functional user ID to the webhook configuration when you register the GitHub repository (Registering the GitHub repository in EWM). Ensure that the functional user is authorized for Git requests.

About this task

The following interactive image shows the workflow for configuring traceability between work items and GitHub comments. To see the details of each task, click the boxes. For example, to see how to configure webhooks, click the Configure webhook box.

This image shows the workflow to follow for configuring traceability between work items and Git
commits. Prerequisites for configuring the integration with GitHub Enterprise Integrate GitHub repository with EWM Authorizing requests for GitHub Enterprise Configuring webhooks for traceability Validating the basic integration with GitHub Enterprise Linking GitHub commits to work items