Synchronizing a sandbox with a repository workspace

When all local changes in a sandbox are checked in to a repository workspace, your sandbox and repository workspace normally have identical content. Network failures or canceled operations can sometimes lead to differences in this content. In many cases, you can resolve these differences by reloading the repository workspace into your sandbox. If the sandbox contains changes that you have not checked in, by default, the reload operation preserves these changes. Preserved local changes can result in a local conflict between the preserved change and a remote change to the same file or folder. If these conflicts are not resolved automatically, resolve them manually.

About this task

A sandbox and repository workspace can become out-of-sync when a network failure or manual cancelation interrupts an update operation. When this happens, the next attempt to perform an operation (such as check in, accept, suspend, or resume) that updates both a sandbox and repository workspace generates a warning that the sandbox and repository workspace are out-of-sync. A list of the out-of-sync projects is displayed and you are prompted to select projects that can be overwritten when the repository workspace is reloaded.

If any of the out-of-sync projects contain unresolved local changes in the sandbox, by default, the reload operation preserves these changes. After the reload operation completes, you can manually resolve any conflicts that are not automatically resolved. For more information, see Resolving conflicts in file content.