Searching for repository objects

Engineering Workflow Management source control search can search the repository for objects such as change sets, snapshots, components, repository workspaces, or streams. You can also search for specific components within a stream or repository workspace. You can also search for locked folders and unlock them from the search results.

About this task

The Engineering Workflow Management source control searches are based on criteria such as owner, name, and additional criteria that is specific to the object you are searching for. Pattern matching is supported for names (* matches any group of characters, ? matches any single character).


  1. In the main menu bar, click Search > Jazz Source Control.
  2. Select an object type to search for, and then specify your search criteria.
    Jazz search
  3. You can search for all streams or repository workspaces that contain a specific component. This capability is useful if you need to know all consumers of a component, such as when you use the Locate Change Set editor to determine if all consumers of a component have a specific change set. To search for a specific component within all streams or repository workspaces,
    1. In the main menu bar, click Search > Jazz Source Control > Repository workspaces or streams.
    2. On the Search for Workspaces or Streams page,
      Search all repositories or streams

  4. You can also query for streams by custom attribute value. This capability helps you organize streams in the Team Artifacts view. To support this query capability, you can use the Eclipse client stream editor to set custom attribute values.
  5. Click OK to start the search.


The Search view lists all the objects that matched your search criteria. You can right-click any object to see a list of operations permitted on it.