Locking streams and components

You can prevent team members from delivering change sets to certain streams and components by locking them. Locked streams also prevent team members from adding, removing, or replacing components and creating baselines or snapshots. When a stream is locked, team members can make local changes and check them in to their repository workspace but they cannot deliver the changes to the stream.

Before you begin

You must have permissions to lock a stream or component.

About this task

A stream or component lock owner can deliver to the stream or component when it is locked. If a team member requires that a change set be delivered to a locked stream, the lock owner can accept the change set into their repository workspace and deliver the change set to the locked stream. Any user with permissions to lock a stream or component can acquire the lock of an already locked stream or component by locking it themselves. Also, any user with permissions can unlock a stream, regardless of which user locked it.


  1. To set permissions to lock streams and components in a team area:
    1. In the Eclipse client, in the project area editor, click the Process Configuration tab.
    2. In the Configuration area, expand Team Configuration and click Permissions.
    3. In Roles area, select a role to grant permissions.
    4. In the Permitted actions area, navigate to Source Control > Save stream (server) > Modify > Stream > Locking.
    5. Select Acquire or Release stream and component locks.
    6. Click Save.
  2. Optional: To lock a stream, in Team Artifacts view, in project area, navigate to the stream. Right-click the stream and click Lock. A lock icon is displayed over the stream icon.
    Note: You can also perform a lock or unlock action on a repository workspace, which locks or unlocks the stream that is the outgoing flow target.
  3. Optional: To lock a component, in Team Artifacts view, in the project area, navigate to the component. Right-click the component and click Lock. A lock icon is displayed over the stream icon.