Creating repository workspaces

You can create a new, empty repository workspace and then load it with existing components from other workspaces or streams. You can also create a repository workspace from a stream when you want to work with the specific configuration of component baselines that the stream contains.


  1. In the web client, in the upper left, click the Home Menu icon. Expand Change and Configuration Management and click a project name.
  2. On the project page, click Source Control and, under Create, click Repository workspace.
    Note: In a team environment, it is more common to create a workspace based on an existing configuration in a stream that includes the components the team works on. If you want to create a repository workspace from a stream, navigate to the stream and, in the Stream editor, click the New Repository Workspace icon New repository workspace icon.
  3. In the New Workspace Name field, enter a name for the repository workspace.
  4. Optional: To change the project or team area that owns the workspace, click the Change Owner icon Change owner icon.
  5. Optional: To change the default visibility, click the Change Visibility icon Change visibility icon.
  6. Optional: In the Description field, enter a brief description for the workspace.
  7. Optional: Under Components, complete one of the following steps:
    • To create a new component and add it to the workspace, click the New icon New component icon.
    • To search for existing components to add to the workspace, click the Add icon Add component icon.
  8. Optional: To add a flow target, under Flow Targets, click Add and complete the Select a Stream or Workspace dialog box.
    Note: If you choose to create a workspace from a stream, the stream from which you create the workspace is added as a flow target for the workspace.
  9. Click Save.
    Tip: You can create a repository workspace that is identical to an existing workspace. To create a duplicate workspace, in the Workspace editor, click the Duplicate Workspace icon Duplicate workspace icon, type a name and description, and click Save.

    The duplicate workspace contains the same component baselines and flow targets as the existing workspace.

    Tip: You can delete a repository workspace in the Workspace editor by clicking the Delete Workspace icon Delete workspace icon.