Adding custom attributes for repository files

You can add custom attributes to repository files by using the web client.

Before you begin

Custom attributes for file type must be defined in the project area. For more information, see Creating custom attributes.


  1. Navigate to the file that you want to add custom attributes.
  2. Go to the Custom Attributes tab.
  3. In the Details header, click Add icon, the Add icon.
    Note: If the file is part of a component that is owned by multiple project areas, you can set a custom attribute only if it is defined in all the parent project areas.
  4. From the Names list, select a custom attribute.
  5. In the Value field, type the value, and then click Save.
  6. Optional: To modify an attribute value, hover under the Actions column and click Edit Value. Type the new value, and then click Save.
  7. Optional: To remove an attribute, hover under the Actions column, click Remove, and then click OK to confirm.
    Note: You can also add custom attributes to older versions of repository files, when you view them from a change set.

What to do next

You can report on files based on the custom attributes by using Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) reporting. For more information, see Creating reports from TRS feeds for SCM configuration resources. You can search for repository files based on custom attributes by using the Advanced Search option.