Migrating a synchronization stream

You can migrate a synchronization stream to use sub-VOB components.

Before you begin

If you have base Rational® ClearCase® VOBs that are already synchronized, and you want to split the content into multiple IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) SCM components by using sub-VOB components, you can migrate a synchronization stream to use sub-VOB components with the following procedure.

About this task

To migrate a synchronization stream:


  1. Remove the existing synchronization root. For more information see Removing a synchronization root.
  2. Mark the folder as a sub-VOB component by first creating an attribute. For more information, see Preparing a sub-VOB component for base Rational ClearCase synchronization
  3. Select the files or folders under a folder that is marked as a sub-VOB component as the new synchronization root, and then run the synchronization. For more information, see Importing files and folders from Rational ClearCase.

    When you add a sub-VOB component attribute to a folder under a VOB, the synchronization process no longer replicates files and folders from the VOB to the EWM SCM component to which it was originally synchronized. The content under a sub-VOB component is synchronized to a new EWM SCM component with a name that matches the sub-VOB component attribute value.