Known limitations of sub-VOB component mapping

Before setting up sub-VOB component mapping, consider some of the known limitations.

Nested components handling

If you attempt to define nested sub-VOB components, the synchronization returns an error. This action prevents damaging the synchronization of the two SCM systems.
Note: The VOB-root is also part of a nested component. For example, if you add a synchronization root (synch-root) and then make a sibling folder as a component root (comp-root), the synchronizer returns an error with the synchronization root because it is not under the specified component root.

Add/move/remove comp-root attribute

As an administrator, you can reorganize the component mapping by modifying the component root (comp-root) attribute and re-synchronizing.
  • Changing sub-VOB component attribute value: The sub-VOB component attribute value uses the same name as the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) SCM component when it is first created. If the sub-VOB component is already synchronized with EWM SCM, and you change the attribute value after its creation, the change does not affect the EWM SCM component name in subsequent synchronizations.
  • Adding sub-VOB component attribute: If you add the sub-VOB component attribute to a specific folder that is already synchronized, subsequent synchronizations no longer replicate data for the folder (and its descendants). Because component mapping is modified by adding the attribute, the synchronization process cannot map files to the old EWM SCM component, which is mapped from a VOB root. If you add a sub-VOB component attribute to a folder where the VOB's content is not synchronized by any synchronization stream, you can create the synchronization stream or add the folder to the existing synchronization stream as a synchronization root.
  • Removing sub-VOB component attribute: If you remove the sub-VOB component attribute from a folder that is synchronized by the ClearCase Synchronizer, subsequent synchronization process cannot replicate any changes under the synchronization root. The synchronization always completes successfully, but no data is transferred.
  • Moving sub-VOB component attribute: Even if you remove the attribute from one folder and add the same attribute to another folder, the synchronizer recognizes that they are different components. Technically, there is no move operation of a sub-VOB component attribute.