Repository workspaces in team environments

As a team member, your repository workspaces are private development areas where you can work on your own or combine your work with contributions from your team. Your work remains private to the workspace until you decide to deliver it to a team flow target such as a shared stream. Contributions from the team can be accepted into your workspace from various sources as needed.

About this task

When you are working on your own, your repository workspace contains only your work. Changes that you check in are backed up to the repository and can be preserved in baselines and snapshots or aggregated in streams, but change flow is unimportant, since there are no other team members with whom to collaborate. In a team environment, change flow becomes an important part of your everyday work. It supports efficient collaboration, hierarchical integration, and iterative development. Setting up your repository workspaces with the proper contents and flow targets is the first step toward making contributions to the team.

One of the first things that a team member does is join one or more of the team streams by creating repository workspaces from them. It is also possible to create an empty repository workspace that you can configure with components that you select from other streams or repository workspaces, or that you share from your Eclipse workspace or sandbox.