Getting started with the Rational ClearCase connectors

IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) includes Rational ClearCase connectors that support flexible interoperation between EWM and Rational ClearCase.

Different connectors support different project configurations and requirements. Choose the connector that is most appropriate for your project needs.

The ClearCase Synchronizer

Use the ClearCase Synchronizer to work in EWM and access the results in Rational ClearCase.

The ClearCase Baseline Importer

Use the ClearCase Baseline Importer to import certain baselines or labeled versions from Rational ClearCase to EWM.

To configure and use the ClearCase Baseline Importer:
  1. Configure a synchronization host that is running both Rational ClearCase and EWM.
  2. Create a synchronization process account in the repository.
  3. Add the synchronization process account as a member of your team area.
  4. Perform any prerequisite Rational ClearCase tasks for importing a subset of baseline history or importing base Rational ClearCase version history.
After you complete these tasks, import files and folders with version history from UCM and base Rational ClearCase.

The ClearCase Version Importer

Use the ClearCase Version Importer to import all Rational ClearCase versions in any branches. It can also migrate details of Rational ClearCase versions, such as the checked-in time stamp, checked-in credential, attributes, and merge hyperlinks.

For more information about selecting specific versions to import, see Selecting versions to export by filtering.

The ClearCase Bridge

Use the ClearCase Bridge to use Rational ClearCase for configuration management and EWM work items to track the changes.

To use the Rational ClearCase Bridge to create associations between Rational ClearCase and EWM, install the Rational ClearCase Remote Client version or later into the same Eclipse shell as your installation of EWM.

You can then create and explore associations.