Checking in change sets

When you check in a file, the file is checked in to your repository workspace in Engineering Workflow Management source control as part of a change set. You can set various check-in preferences, such as automatically delivering change sets during a check-in, or always associating a work item with a change set.

About this task

Note: There is no check out action in Engineering Workflow Management source control. By default, all files are checked out.


  1. In the Pending changes view, Expand the Unresolved folder to see its contents.
    • To check in the entire set of unresolved changes to the current change set, right-click the Unresolved folder and click Check-in all.
    • To check in an individual item in the Unresolved folder, right-click it, click Check-in, and click an existing change set to receive the change, or click New change set to create a change set. (A file or folder in a component cannot be part of more than one active change set. When a file or folder is included in an active change set, all changes to it become part of that change set whether or not the change set is current, and changes to that file or folder cannot be explicitly checked in to a new change set until the active change set that includes it is completed.)
  2. To set checkin preferences, in the Team Concert MS-SCCI Preferences window, click the Source Control tab. Under Check-in Preferences:
    • To automatically deliver changes during a check-in, select Deliver changes as part of check-in.
    • To unlock a locked file after delivering it, select, Unlock the file after delivering.
    • To associate a work item to a change set, select Associate work item to change set as part of check-in.