Managing z/OS builds

In addition to dependency builds, build support for z/OS® is provided using JCL or Ant with Enterprise Extensions, with several options for defining and managing your Engineering Workflow Management Build or Rational® Build Agent builds on z/OS.

For z/OS builds, you can use the Jazz® Build Engine or the Rational Build Agent. The Rational Build Agent runs with several build definition templates. On z/OS, the Rational Build Agent runs as a daemon process and the server communicates with it. The Rational Build Agent build templates for z/OS include:
  • Ant with Enterprise Extensions - Rational Build Agent
  • Command line - Rational Build Agent
  • z/OS Dependency Build - Rational Build Agent
Note: Because you implement any z/OS build from the foundation of the Engineering Workflow Management Build, you should be familiar with the Jazz Team Server and the Jazz build process before you begin to build on z/OS.

For more information about building with the Jazz Team Server, see Building with Jazz Team Build.