Creating a dependency build definition

You can use the dependency build template to create the build definition for a dependency build.

Before you begin

To set up and run a dependency build, you must have a Developer for IBM® Enterprise Platforms client access license.

About this task

After you make changes to your files, you can run a dependency build to build only files that changed or that are affected by changes. You can also run a dependency build when you want to rebuild only a specific application or set of files.


  1. To create a build definition for a dependency build, from the Team Artifacts view, right-click the Builds node in your project area, and click New Build Definition.
  2. In the New Build Definition wizard, select Create new build, and then follow the prompts to create the build.
    Tip: From the list of available build templates, select either IBM i Dependency Build - Rational Build Agent or z/OS Dependency Build - Rational Build Agent.
  3. After you configure a dependency build definition, you can edit the configuration selections:
    1. From the Team Artifacts view, select your project, and then expand the Builds node.
    2. Right-click the build definition to modify, and click Open Build Definition.
    3. Edit the build definition, and then click Save.
  4. Click Finish. The Build Definition editor opens.

What to do next

Customize your dependency build settings by using the Build Definition editor.