Associating builds with releases

You can associate a completed build with a release. In a work item, the Found In field lists releases, so when you associate a build with a release, the work item Found In field lists the build label as a selection.


  1. In the Builds view, right-click the build name; then click Open. The editor displays the build result.
  2. In the build result editor, click the Overview tab.
  3. In the Associated Release pane, click Create a release to associate with this build.
  4. In the Create Release dialog box, edit the following fields:
    1. In the Release Name field, type the name of the release.
    2. In the Build Tag field, type the build tag.
    3. Optional: To limit access to project teams only, select Release is available to project teams only.
    4. Click OK.
  5. In the build result editor, click Save.