Configuring calculated value attribute customizations

You can customize attributes for work items by configuring calculated values, which means that the values are determined automatically based on data instead of entered.

Calculated values can use independent data attributes (for example, time), or can depend on values of other attributes in the same work item. The calculation is triggered when an assigned dependency is changed.

Calculated values are created and managed in Project Configuration > Configuration Data > Work Items > Attribute Customization > Calculated Values. To use calculated values to customize attributes, you must set the Enable Process Attachment Scripts property on the server Advanced Properties page to true. You must be a member of the JazzAdmins repository group to modify server properties.

For example, calculated values are useful for these purposes:
  • Calculating a time value to indicate the age of work items
  • Calculating the total cost to show the summary of various cost attributes in a work item

For advanced information about how to configure calculated values, including examples, see the related links.


When you configure calculated value attribute customizations, the following capabilities are not supported:
  • Traversing relationships. For example, calculating all the estimates for the work items under a story and updating the story with the value is not supported.
  • Accessing extended user information such as team membership or roles.
  • Accessing information such as subscriptions or attachments.