Importing users from an external registry service

You can import users from an external registry service such as an LDAP server. Assign repository permissions while importing the user.

Before you begin

You must belong to the JazzAdmins repository group to perform this task. The Jazz® repository must be configured to work with an external registry service.

If you are using LDAP, there is a nightly background task that will automatically synchronize users from the LDAP directory into the Jazz repository. For more information, see Synchronizing LDAP with Jazz Team Server repository user information.


  1. Open the Overview page in the project area editor or the team area editor:
    • For a project area, right-click the project area in the Team Artifacts view and click Open.
    • For a team area, expand a project in the Team Organization view, right-click a team area and click Open.
  2. At the Members list, click Create.
  3. In the Create or Import Users window, click Import existing users.
  4. Type a partial match for a name in the external registry. Begin with a space to search last names.
  5. Select a name from the results and click Select. Click Next.
  6. Assign client access licenses for the user and click Finish.
  7. Click Save in the project area or the team area editor.