Requesting an Ant with Enterprise Extensions build

After you create and configure your build definition, request an Ant with Enterprise Extensions build.

About this task

To request a build, complete the following steps:


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, right-click your build definition and select Request Build.
  2. Click Submit in the Request Build window.
    If the following warning is displayed, click OK to submit the request: The build engine does not appear to be processing requests.
  3. In the Builds view, periodically check the status of your build. Click Update to refresh the status.
  4. When the build is complete, double-click the build result.
  5. Go to the Logs tab.
  6. Double-click the log file.
    The Logs tab should contain the following files:
    • Two SYSPRINT.log files: one containing the output from the COBOL compiler, and another containing the output from the link-editor.
    • The build-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.log, where XXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a unique identifier, like a timestamp, for the referenced build. This file contains the RationalĀ® Build Agent Service build log.
    Look at the last lines of the Rational Build Agent Service log. If those lines say Status: OK, your build was successful.

  7. The Downloads tab of the build results should contain the following files:
    • A properties file containing all properties and their values used for the execution of this Ant with Enterprise Extensions build.
    • buildableFiles.xml. An XML file containing information about each file that the Ant with Enterprise Extensions build processed. Only those files associated with a language definition are included in this list.
    • FAOperationList.xml. An XML file containing operations that were requested of the file agent during this build.
    • macrodefs.xml. An XML file containing Ant macros that were generated for use by the build. The contents of these macros are created based on values you specified in language definitions associated with files that this build processed.