Changing adaprters for a test execution step after the execution is scheduled

In some cases, you might want to change the selected adapter for an automated test case execution after the test starts. For example, if the test cannot start because of a non-responsive adapter, you can change the adapter.

About this task

By default, a reserved lab resource cannot be reused. This restriction exists to prevent the adapter from including lab resources that are currently reserved by a test case, test suite, or test schedule when the adapter searches for resources.

However, by configuring the execution preferences, you can allow the reuse of a lab resource that is reserved for a test execution.

Then, you can modify the machine name by using the Execution Console.


  1. In the banner, click the Administration Administration icon, and then click Manage Project Properties.
  2. Click Execution Preferences.
  3. Clear the Restrict reuse of lab resource if reserved for a Test execution check box.
  4. Open the Execution Console by clicking Execution, and in the Browse section, click Execution Console.
  5. Select the checkbox next to one or more execution steps; then click the Edit Adapter icon.