Managing test artifact sections

You can add and remove sections of individual test plans, test cases, test suites, test scripts, and keywords. You can also configure the sections that are included in these supported artifact templates.


  1. Open a test plan, test case, test suite, or keyword.
  2. From the list of test artifact sections, click Manage Sections to open the Manage Sections window.
  3. Select Show all sections to display all the available sections.
    Note: You can set a user preference to display all sections of an artifact by default. To set the preference, click the User Profile (User Profile menu) icon in the banner, click My Preferences for Quality Management > Editor Table of Contents and then select Show all sections in the editor. With this preference set, you see all sections when you open an artifact. The sections are displayed in a closed state and you must double-click the sections to open them.
  4. To add an established section, select the section from the Available Sections list, and move it to the Selected Sections list by clicking the Move right (Move right) icon.
    Tip: Press Ctrl and click items to make multiple selections. You can also move all of the sections at once by clicking the Move all right (Move all right) icon.
  5. To remove a section, move the section from the Selected Sections list to the Available Sections list by clicking the Move left (Move left) icon.
  6. To reorder sections, use the Move up (Move up) and Move down (Move down) icons.
  7. To add a customized section, click the Create Section (Create section) icon. The New Custom Section window opens.
    1. In the Section Type field, select the type of content for the new template section, Rich Text Editor or Grid.
    2. If you select Grid, click the Add (Add) icon to add a column and then type the column name.
    3. If you select Rich Text Editor, you can enter boilerplate content into the rich text field so that it is included in all templates that use the section.
    4. Click OK to close the New Custom Section window.
      Note: To delete a custom section, select the section, and click the Delete (Delete) icon. You cannot delete standard sections of a template.
  8. Click OK to close the Manage Sections window.
  9. Click Save to save the test plan, test case, or test suite.

What to do next

You can further customize your test artifacts by editing the name and description of sections. For example, you can change the name of the Summary section in a test plan to Overview, or change both the name and description of a custom section. The ability to edit section names and descriptions is controlled by the Edit Section Header permission. To change the description of a standard section (for example, to provide more detailed information about the categories and attributes in the Summary section), you must modify or create a template. For more information, see the related help on Quality Management role-based permissions and on creating templates.