Importing automated test scripts from a test machine

You can use the test tool adapters to import references to multiple automated test scripts on a local test machine in your test lab.

Before you begin

Before you can import references to automated test scripts that are local to a test machine, the appropriate adapter must be running. See the section on Integrating with RationalĀ® test tools for information about starting the adapters.

Note: Each test tool implements its own integration with Engineering Test Management. The instructions that are provided here do not cover all of the details of each integration. Therefore, be sure to refer to the specific test tool for further details.


To import automated test scripts from a local test lab machine:

  1. In the main menu, click Construction > Import > Test Scripts.
  2. Select one of the available script types.
  3. Click Use test resources that are local to a test machine.
  4. Click the Select Adapter button.
    Note: To associate a preferred machine with the imported script, mark the When the selected machine is available, use it as the preferred machine to run the test scripts box.
  5. Provide the project path on the test machine to where the test resource resides.
    For example, C:\workspaces\rft1\Altoro1.
    Note: For some tools, such as Functional Tester, the path is the full file system path for the project. For Performance Tester and Service Tester, this path includes the project name in the workspace that is associated with the adapter.
  6. Click Go.

    The scripts that are available in the specified project are displayed.

  7. Select the scripts that you want to reference by selecting the check box and then click Finish.
  8. Click Import.
  9. To confirm that your test scripts are created, go to the main menu and click Construction > Browse > Test Scripts.


Note: When you run the script, you must run it using the same adapter.