Customizing the display of manual test scripts

You can customize how manual test scripts are displayed for specific scripts or for your entire enterprise. You can start by using the default test script template, or by creating a custom template.

About this task

Team members who belong to a role with the required permissions can add attributes to use in the Manual Steps section of a test script. The attributes can be displayed as column headings in each step. Testers can change the column display settings to add the project attributes to specific test scripts, or test leads and test managers can create or edit a test script template to display the custom attributes by default.


  1. Optional: On the Project Properties page, define custom attributes for manual test script steps.
    For example, you can add a required attribute that enables testers to enter test phase information.
  2. To customize the display of an individual test script for all users, complete any of the following steps:

    You can add custom attributes to the Manual Steps section that were defined earlier. Remember to save any changes. The changes appear for any user who opens this specific test script. Other test scripts are not affected.

  3. Optional: To display custom attributes in all new test scripts, create a manual test script template that incorporates custom attributes, sections, and column displays and set it as the default template.
    When you design the template, you can incorporate display elements by following step 2