Rerunning tests from test case results

You can rerun a test directly from a test case result. Execution attributes from the previous test run are automatically applied.

Before you begin

The Rerun option is not available for scriptless execution.

About this task

When you rerun the test case result, the following attributes are automatically picked up from the previous execution:
  • Test script
  • Test case execution record
  • Execution variable value set in the previous run


  1. In a test case result, open the Result Details section.
    Tip: You can also rerun tests from the Browse test cases view.
  2. In the command bar, click the Rerun icon.
  3. For remote script execution, you are prompted to choose an adapter from a list of available adapters. Select an adapter, and then click OK. By default, if it is available, the adapter used in the previous run is selected.
    Note: To stop or cancel the remote script execution, you require Register Tool Adapter > Edit permission .

    A new test result is created.