Lesson 2: Drill down into a report

In this lesson, you drill down from your saved report into a specific list of test execution results.

About this task

Drilling down refers to the action of clicking your mouse on a section of a report or an object to view more detailed information. In this lesson, you create a detailed report of your test cases that passed. You then create a PDF version of this report so that you can include it in the Development Test release notes as proof of a milestone with an acceptable amount of passed test cases.


  1. Reopen your saved Execution Status using TCER Count - Development Test report if it is not already open.
  2. Hover your mouse over the section of the bar chart that corresponds to Failed.
    Notice how the rich hover gives you the actual number of failed test cases for the Development Test test effort in this section of the bar.
  3. Click on the section of the bar that corresponds to Passed to drill down into the list of passed test cases.
  4. Explore this newly created TCER Listing (Live) report. Click the links to the test cases and the various attributes of the test cases to see more detailed information.
  5. Return to the TCER Listing (Live) report, and click Export Export to export this report to a printable format.
  6. Select PDF from the menu and click Submit.
  7. If you are asked whether to navigate away from this page, click OK.
  8. View the report by either opening the file with Adobe Reader, or by saving the file to your computer and then opening the PDF file.
  9. Log out of the Quality Management application.

Lesson checkpoint

You learned how to complete these tasks:
  • Explore the quality management reports that come with the application.
  • Run and save a report.
  • Drill down into a report.
  • Export a report to PDF format.