Lesson 2.4: Fulfill lab resource requests

In this lesson, you, in the role of test manager, receive Tanuj's request for a virtual image. You review the request, search for virtual images that match Tanuj's requirements, reserve the virtual image for Tanuj, and then save and fulfill the request.

About this task

To fulfill this request:


  1. Log in as Tammy. Type tammy for the user ID and tammy for the password.
  2. Click Lab Management > Browse > Requests. The Browse Requests editor opens.
  3. In the list of requests, click the summary I need a machine with Linux. The details of the request are displayed.
  4. You are going to fulfill this request now. In Assigned to, select Tammy.
  5. In the Lab Resources section, click Find machines. A list of lab resources that match the requirements in the request is displayed.
  6. Select a lab resource, and then click the Reserve icon (Reserve). The lab resource that you reserved is displayed in the request.
  7. To save and fulfill the request, click Save, and then click Fulfill.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned the following:
  • View a list of requests for lab resources.
  • Fulfill a request by searching for and reserving lab resources that match the request.

What to do next

After you complete these steps, the status of the request is updated in the Browse Requests editor in the Fulfilled by Me view.