Reserving lab resources for a specified time period

You can search for a lab resource that matches the hardware and software configurations that you need for your testing effort. You can find out when the lab resource is available, and then select the lab resource and reserve it for a specified period.

Before you begin

Ensure that a test environment is defined with the hardware and software attributes that you need.

About this task

You can reserve a lab resource for a specific time period and view the details of the reservations in the calendar view.
Note: If you reserve a lab resource that is running multiple instances of an adapter, such as the command-line adapter, all of those adapter instances are available only to you. Other users cannot access the adapters during the time period that you reserved the lab resource.


To find and reserve a lab resource that matches a specific test environment for a specified period:

  1. On the main menu, click Lab Management > Browse > Lab Resources.
  2. In the Lab Resources editor, expand View Builder and click the Select lab resource description icon (Select lab resource description).
  3. In the Select Lab Resource Description window, click the test environment to use to search for a lab resource. The name of the test environment and the lab resource that is defined in the test environment are displayed, along with the attributes that are defined for the lab resource. The Availability list contains options to reserve a lab resource for today, tomorrow, the next two days, and the next five days. You can select one of these options to reserve the lab resource for these amounts of time.
  4. Select a lab resource and click OK.
  5. In From field, click the Date Select icon (Reserve several dates), and select the date to start using the lab resource; then select the start time.
  6. In Until field, click the Date Select icon, and select the date to finish using the lab resource; then select the end time.
  7. Click Run. Lab resources that are available during the dates and times you specified and that match the criteria in the test environment you selected are displayed in the list.
  8. Optional: To directly view the lab resources that are available, in the Type list, select the type of machine. In the Availability list, select the day when you want the lab resource to be available and then click Run.
  9. Select the check box for a lab resource, and click the Reserve Machine icon (Reserve). The Reserved column displays the Reserve Machine icon and the lab resource is reserved for you for the dates and times that you specified.
  10. Click the lab resource. The detailed editor for the lab resource is displayed.
  11. Expand Reservations. The Reservations section of the lab resource displays the lab reservations and the availability of the lab resource in the calendar view. You can also view the details of the reserved resource in a table format in the Reservations section. The dates for which the lab resource is reserved and the name of the person who reserved it are displayed.
    Tip: You can also directly reserve the lab resource and manage the reservation from the calendar view. For more information, see Managing reservations of lab resources.