Sizing recommendations for Engineering Test Management artifacts

The following table lists sizing recommendations for artifacts to ensure optimum performance of the repository.

Item Recommendation Limit Reference
Concurrent user sessions 100 - 150+ for each Engineering Test Management instance   Blog entry: Jazz Performance – A Guide to Better Performance
Attachment size: Command-line interface 50 MB article
Attachment size: User interface Default: 50 MB User specified Work Item 92107
Categories defined on an artifact type   50 Work Item 107113, Work Item 103200
Characters in the Description field of a Lab Resource   250 bytes Work Item 106052
Characters in test case names   250 bytes forum
Feed entries per page   512 forum, Work Item 90564
Large Record Count value (SQL query result set generated by default BIRT reports) Default: 10,000 User specified IBM Support Technote, Work Item 283618
Records in test data (data pool size)   2000 Work Item 67995
Test case execution records: Bulk generation from a test plan 500   Workaround article
Test case execution records: Bulk edits or deletions To be decided To be decided forum, forum
Test case execution records: Run offline at the same time   50 Running manual tests in offline mode