Planning the review process

The project administrator determines the review process used by the team during the test effort, configures artifact preconditions and follow-up actions, and then communicates review requirements to the test team.


  1. Review the Quality Management application governance capabilities for formal review and determine an overall process to be used by the test team.
  2. Optional: Define preconditions for state transitions in order to save test artifacts during the review process.

    Preconditions allow you to restrict artifact state changes based on the artifact's approval status. For example, you can create a precondition that prevents a test plan in the Under Review state from transitioning to the Approved state when someone attempts to save the test plan. In this way, you can require, for example, that at least two team members of a specific role approve a test plan before it can transition to the Approved state. The following list includes artifact preconditions that affect formal review:

    Disallow Transition to Under Review until Associated Work Items Resolved
    Do not allow transition to an "Under Review" state until all associated work items have been resolved.
    Required Approvals
    This precondition defines the review and approval requirements for workflow state transitions. If the specified transition rules for transitioning between workflow states are not met by the formal reviews of the test artifact then the transition will be prevented.

  3. Optional: Configure test artifacts to require Electronic Signature at formal review.
    As for state transitions, you can define preconditions for artifacts so that reviewers are required to authenticate with the Jazz server each time they complete a review. Reviewers authenticate by providing their electronic signature when they save an artifact. The following artifacts can be configured to require authentication:
    • Test Plans
    • Test Suites
    • Test Cases
    • Test Scripts
    • Test Case Results
    • Test Suite Results
  4. Optional: Prevent modifications to completed approval groups or the Formal Review section of approved artifacts.

    To do this, you set preconditions for the Save Formal Review operation behavior. The following list shows the preconditions you can define that affect Save Formal Review.

    Disallow Modifications to Completed Approval Groups
    Prevents completed approval groups from being modified.
    Disallow Modifications to Formal Review of Approved Artifacts
    Prevents modifications to the Formal Review section of approved artifacts.
    Disallow Specific Users as Reviewers and Approvers
    Prevents the owner or originator of a review or approval from reviewing or approving it.
    Note: The Disallow Saving of Test Cases with State Approved or Retired precondition does not apply to formal reviews. By default, you can edit, save, and add new approval groups to approved test artifacts in the formal review section. Users can modify an approval or review as long as the approval group is not archived. If you want to change the default for the formal review section, set the Disallow Saving of Test Cases with State Approved or Retired precondition in the Save Formal Review operation.
  5. Optional: Allow editing of artifacts in an approved or retired state.
    By default, approved test artifacts excluding formal review section can not be edited and saved. You can remove this restriction via the project area's process configuration.