Lesson 4: Reconcile a test plan with its requirement collection to generate test cases

In a previous lesson, Tammy rejected the test plan because new requirements were not covered. In this lesson, you log in as Tanuj to generate test cases for the test plan from the linked requirement collection.

About this task

When the applications for the Engineering Lifecycle Management are integrated, you can use requirements collections in the Requirements Management (RM) application to generate test cases in the Quality Management (QM) application. Generating test cases directly from the requirements collection helps ensure that all requirements are covered in the testing process. To generate a test cases for a test plan from a linked requirements collection:


  1. Log in as the tester, Tanuj (user ID: tanuj, Password: tanuj) when prompted with the login dialog box. If you are prompted with a project login dialog box, select the JKE Banking (Quality Management) project. The quality dashboard opens.
  2. Click Planning > Browse Test Plans.
  3. Open the Development Test test plan.
  4. Open the Requirement Collection Links section of the test plan.
  5. Reconcile the test plan with the requirements in the requirement collection.
    1. Click the Reconcile Requirements in Collections icon (Reconcile Requirements in Collections and Reconcile Requirement icon).
      In the Pending Actions column, Reconcile Test Coverage is displayed. Requirements that have been added since the last reconciliation are displayed. Requirements displayed in this page do not have test coverage in the test plan.
      Reconcile Requirement wizard, select a new requirement to manage.
    2. Select the check box next to the requirements to generate test cases for; then click Generate Test Case.
    3. In the Test Phase list, select Developer Test. The Name and Weight fields are pre-defined, but you can adjust them as needed. Other attributes and categorization are optional.
    4. Click OK.
    The new test cases are generated, linked to their requirement collection, and added into the current test plan. The Reconcile Requirements wizard shows the results of the generate test case operation.
  6. Click Next.
  7. The Reconcile Requirements wizard shows that a requirement has been removed from the requirement collection associated with the test plan. For now, ignore the change. Click Finish.


By following this procedure, the requirements in the requirement collection and its generated test cases will be synchronized. In addition to new requirements that have been added to a requirement collection, a reconciliation operation identifies changed and removed requirements, helping you to identify suspect test cases. Try changing requirements in the linked requirement collection, then make additional reconciliations in the Quality Management application to see how requirement changes can be managed.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned the following:
  • Find requirements in a requirements collection that do not have coverage in the test plan.
  • Generate test cases to cover the requirements.