Lesson 1.5: Create a lab resource test environment

In this lesson you, in the role of test manager, create a test environment that can be stored and reused in many lab management tasks. For example, the environment can be reused in requesting lab resources, searching for lab resources, and creating test environments. A test environment is a set of lab resource attributes, for example, the make, memory, operating system, and software, for a particular type of machine.

About this task

To create a test environment:


  1. Log in as Tammy, the test manager. Type tammy for the user ID and tammy for the password.
  2. In the main menu, click Lab Management > Create > Test Environment. The Create Test Environment editor opens.
  3. Type BetaTest as the name of the test environment. This field is required.
  4. In the Summary field, click <Click here to enter summary information> and type Test environment for beta testing.
  5. In the Description section, click Add Content, and type This test environment applies to several beta test cases. In this section of the editor, you can provide detailed information or attach a diagram or document. Click Preview to close the text editor.
  6. In Lab Resource Descriptions, click <Enter a Label for the Lab Resource Description 1>, and type a name for a lab resource that is part of the test environment. For our purposes, type betaServer2.
  7. In Type, select Physical Machine.
  8. Click the Add Criteria icon (Add attribute). The Select Attribute window opens, showing fields of information that you can include in the lab resource definition.
  9. Select Operating System. Click Add and Close. This field is added to the lab resource description and is displayed under Type.
  10. In Operating System, select Linux.
  11. We are going to add one more lab resource description to this test environment. In the Lab Resource description section, click Add Lab Resource Description (Add). An additional Lab Resource Descriptions section opens. Complete these steps:
    1. Under Lab Resource Descriptions, click <Enter a Label for the Lab Resource Description2>, and type betaMachine2.
    2. In Type, select Physical Machine.
    3. Click the Add Criteria icon (Add attribute).
    4. Select Operating System and click Add and Close.
    5. In Operating System, select Linux.
    lab resources
  12. Click Save.
  13. Click Lab Management > Browse > Test Environments. The test environment that you just created is added to the list.


This test environment is available to use when you search for lab resources, create test cells, and create lab resource requests and reservations.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned the following:
  • Create a test environment.
  • Add lab resources to the test environment.
  • View a list of test environments.