Deploying process guidance from Engineering Method Composer

IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Method Composer provides process guidance for software development and test teams. You can make this guidance available to your IBM Engineering Test Management team by adding a link from the Related Sites section of the Engineering Test Management interface.

Before you begin

To make this guidance available, the Engineering Method Composer web archive (WAR) file must be deployed on an IBM WebSphere Application Server that your test team can access.


  1. For general instructions to install to WebSphere Liberty, see Installing Liberty.
  2. Add the URL of the new WAR file to the Related Sites list in Engineering Test Management Project Properties.
    1. Log on to Engineering Test Management as a user with JazzAdmins repository permissions.
    2. From the Administration Administration menu, click Manage Project Properties.
    3. Select Related Sites from the list.
    4. Click the Add Related Site icon Add Related site. Add RQM Process Guidance in the Name field and the URL of the newly deployed WAR file in the URL field.
      For example, specify one of these URLs:
      • http://server_name:9080/RQM_Process_Guidance
      • http://ipaddress:9080/RQM_Process_Guidance
    5. Click Save.
    6. Log out and log in again.
      The Related Sites list includes RQM Process Guidance.
    7. Click RQM Process Guidance to test the deployment.
    8. Notify your user community that the process guidance is available.