Importing test cases

You can import test cases that are saved as local XML files directly into your repository, where they are then available on the Browse Test Cases page.

Before you begin

Ensure that the local XML file to import adheres to the XML schema documentation.

The following example is a basic test case XML file that adheres to the schema:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<testcase xmlns="">
  <title xmlns="">New Customer Order Test Case</title>
  <description xmlns="">Test the ordering functionality of the Classics Java application.</description>
  <state xmlns=""></state>
  <category xmlns="" term="Category" value="Web UI"/>
  <category xmlns="" term="Function" value="Execution"/>
  <category xmlns="" term="Theme" value="Functionality"/>


  1. In the main menu, click Construction > Import > Test Case.
  2. Click Browse.
  3. Locate the file, and click Open.
  4. Click Import to import the test case into the repository.
    Note: Engineering Lifecycle Management links, such as requirement or work item links, cannot be imported.