Creating and viewing build records

You can manually create a build record. For example, if you manually start a build and you want a record of it, you can create a build record for traceability that shows the date, time, and status of the build. You can view build records that originate in an external build tool and build records that were manually created.


The Deployment and build verification section is populated automatically to build records that are associated with test execution schedules. It shows the execution result of the most recent execution schedule. The section lists steps that are part of the execution schedule along with their result. You cannot enter any information in this section.

To manually create a build record:

  1. In the main menu, click Builds > Create > Build Record. The New Build Record editor opens.
  2. Click <Enter new build record name>, and type a name for the build record. For example, you might name the build record for a particular type of build such as Beta or Final.
  3. In Status, select a status type from these options:
    • Unassigned
    • Error
    • OK
  4. In State, select a build state from these options:
    • Unassigned
    • Canceled
    • Queued
    • Complete
    • Running
  5. In Completed at, enter the date and time that the build was completed.
  6. Click <Click here to enter a description>, and type a description that explains why the build ran, what the results were, and anything else that you want to record about it.
    The Deployment and Build Verification section is completed automatically for build records that are associated with test execution schedules. You cannot enter any information in this section.
  7. Click Save. The build record that you created is visible in the View Build Records editor.
  8. To view all build records, including the one that you just created, go to the main menu and click Builds > Browse > Build Records. The Browse Build Records editor opens and shows the following information for each build record:
    • Status of the build (Error or OK)
    • State of the build (Unassigned, Canceled, Queued, Complete, or Running)
    • Build name
    • Build description
    • Completion time
    • Lab resource that the build was deployed to
    • Build verification test (BVT) status (Pass, Fail)
    • Tests that were run and that passed