Running saved queries from the sidebar

You can run a saved query from the filters sidebar. You can also promote the saved query to the application menu.

Before you begin

You must create queries before you can run them.


  1. Open a view that displays a list of test artifacts.

    For example, to view test cases, click Construction > Browse > Test Cases.

    A window opens, showing a page of items for that particular test artifact.

  2. Click the window sash along the border of the main window to open the filters sidebar.
  3. In the Filter by Saved Queries section, select any saved query in the list.

    The list view in the main window is updated, showing the results of the saved query.

  4. Optional: To facilitate access to queries, you can add a saved query to the associated View menu. To do so, click the down arrow next to the saved query and click Add to menu.

    The query is added to the View menu of the associated artifact type. For example, if the saved query returns a list of test cases, the query is added as a submenu entry of Construction > Browse > Test Cases .