Editing test artifacts with the rich-text editor

When you edit your test artifacts, some sections, such as Test Plan Business Objectives, Test Plan Test Objectives, Test Case and Test Suite Design, Test Case Pre-Condition, Test Case Post-Condition, and Test Case Expected Results, consist of a rich-text editor for text input. These editors support common formatting for features such as tables, fonts, bullets, and numbered lists.

What's new in the rich text editor

Table editing:

  • To add or remove rows, right-click a cell in an existing row. From the pop-up menu, select:
    • Row > Insert Row Before or Insert Row After.
    • Row > Delete Rows.
  • To add or remove columns, right-click a cell in an existing column. From the pop-up menu, select:
    • Column > Insert Column Before or Insert Column After.
    • Column > Delete Columns.
  • To set the background color or border color of cells, right-click the cells. From the pop-up menu, select Cell > Cell Properties.
    • Click the Choose button next to the Background Color field to select a color.
    • Click the Choose button next to the Border Color field to select a color.
  • To highlight the text in a particular color, select the text, and then click the Background Color icon Background Color icon in the toolbar.
  • To merge or split cells, right-click the cell. From the pop-up menu, select
    • Cell > Merge Cells, Merge Right or Merge Down.
    • Cell > Split Cell Horizontallyor Split Cell Vertically.
  • To add a caption, right-click in the table. From the pop-up menu, select:
    • Table Properties. Then click the Advanced tab.
    • Specify the text in the Caption field.
    Note: After the caption is created, you can make changes within the editor. The caption is no longer editable from the Advanced Table Properties dialog.

Other features:

  • To search for a text string, click the Find icon Find icon, specify the text in the Find field and click Find.
  • To expand the editing area to fill the entire screen, click the Maximize icon maximize screen. To return to the default view and minimize the editing area, press the same button again. You must return to the default view in order to save any changes.
  • To format the text, use the Styles, Paragraph Format, Font Name and Font Size drop-down lists.
  • When you copy and paste bulleted or numbered lists from Microsoft Word into the rich-text editor, the list properties are preserved.
  • Images inserted on a page appear at the correct insertion point.
  • In Firefox 10 and greater, the rich-text editor supports copying and pasting images. Use your operating system's print screen capability and paste the image into the rich-text editor to insert a screen capture without using the screen capture tool.
Note: Any time you copy and paste text into a rich-text editor section, be sure to click the Validate Content icon Validate Content icon .