Configuring quality management project areas

The Jazz® process controls the behavior of quality management projects. By configuring the process, you can set up team areas and customize workflows, timelines, operation behavior, and roles at both the overall project and team area levels. You can also customize the main menu by selecting which menu items or categories to show and hide.

In addition to the tasks in this section, you can follow the links in the following table to view several common topics on project and team area configuration. Finally, for a good overview of the subject, see Process customization in Rational® Quality Manager 4.0.1.

Table 1. Project and team area configuration
To See
Learn about user setup and licensing Understanding licenses, permissions, and access control
Learn about project areas and lifecycle projects Getting started with project areas and lifecycle projects
Create a project area Create a project area
Create timelines and iterations Creating timelines, iterations, and iteration types
Create a team area Creating a test area
Add users to a project and assign roles Adding and modifying users
Create and modify roles and permissions Adding and modifying roles and permissions
Restrict read access Restricting read access to project and team
Learn about sharing a project area process Sharing a project area process