Disallow modifications to completed approval groups precondition

This precondition can be used to enforce the creation of new approval groups during different approval cycles.

This precondition prevents completed approval groups from being modified. Approval groups are considered completed only when there are no approvals for the group in the Pending state. If an approver attempts to change the state of the approval, the save will not be allowed.

In addition, approval groups can now be archived as well as copied. Archiving approval groups helps identify which approval groups are active at a given time. Only unarchived approval groups are evaluated by configured preconditions. When a new set of approvals are required, you should archive prior approvals into a historic state, and manually create new approvals. Alternatively, if the new approvals contain the same approvers, you can copy existing approval groups to create new approval groups with the same name and set of approvers, while at the same time, archiving the original.