Creating precondition configurations

Typically, you create a precondition configuration if your test team does not have pre-configured preconditions or if you are working on a new project and no configurations are available to copy.


  1. Log in as a user who has permission to save project areas. The appropriate permissions are as follows:
    • A user who has permission to save the project area in the process configuration.
    • A user who is an administrator of the project area.
    • A user who has either the JazzProjectAdmins or JazzAdmins repository group permissions.
  2. In the banner, click the Administration (Administration) icon, and then click Manage This Project Area.
  3. In the Project Area editor, click Preconditions and Follow-up Actions.

    The Preconditions and Follow-up Actions editor opens and shows the operations that are available with each test artifact.

    Preconditions and Follow-up Actions

  4. To create a configuration, click Configure, and then click Create New Configuration.
  5. In the Create New Configuration window, follow the prompts to specify the following information:
    • What operation to configure
    • Who the configuration applies to
    • When the configuration applies
  6. After you specify the necessary information, click Finish, and then click Save.

    A new configuration is created.

What to do next

For details about adding specific preconditions to this configuration, see the other topics in this section.