Filtering remote artifact packages

By default, Rhapsody displays a remote artifact package for any requirement project areas, ETM project areas, or EWM project areas for which an appropriate association exists. To improve performance, you can choose to filter out remote artifact packages that you are not currently working with.


  1. Right-click the Remote Artifact Packages category in the browser to display the popup menu, and then select the Artifact Packages to load... option.
    The Artifact Package Selection window is displayed.
    Artifact Package Selection window
  2. Clear the check box for the packages that you want to unload.
  3. Click OK.
    • The check boxes can also be used to reload remote artifact packages that were unloaded.
    • The list of loaded/unloaded packages is stored as part of the model. So if packages are unloaded, anyone accessing the model will also see the filtered list of packages.