Viewing results

After you generate a document-style report, the Results window opens by default in both the Document Studio and Launcher applications when the generation is complete. You can open this window again to access more information about your job.

About this task

Tip: You can also activate the download of the output and log files from your keyboard by using the arrow keys to navigate the table and pressing the Space key to download the file.


To open the Results window, click the Open results dialog icon.
From the Results window, you can click the file link to download the file and then save the output to a new location.


If you open the results and do not see any data in the results or logs, run the document-style report generation again. The job might have been canceled before it could complete. When a job is canceled from a client application, the process is:
  • The client application signals the remote document-style report generation to finish and considers the job canceled.
  • The client application waits for the remote document-style report generation to stop.