Lesson 3: Add a variable

Create a variable for the custom attribute.

About this task

In this lesson, you create a variable. Variables are used for selecting which types of data to include before the document-style report is published, rather than during document-style report designing. You can reuse templates to create several different reports that have different purposes. There are a few variables that must be changed depending on who is viewing the output.


  1. In the Outline view, right-click Variables.
  2. Click Insert > New variable.
  3. For the Name, enter customAttribVar.
  4. For Access, select External.
  5. Click OK.
  6. In the Outline view, expand Variables.
  7. Drag the customAttribVar variable into the second Text element in the First row.
  8. Save the changes.


Template results

Lesson checkpoint

You learned how to create a variable and add it to an element.