Previewing a document-style report

When you are editing a template, you can preview what the resulting document-style report looks like in the Preview view.

Before you begin

The Preview view shows the document-style report generation results in the PDF (Portable Document Format) output format. The Preview view uses a browser such as Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. These browsers must have the capabilities to render PDF documents.

About this task

In Document Studio, the Preview view is available in the Studio perspective. You can use the Preview view to see the output as you design the template in the template editor, without having to manually generate the document-style report and open it for validation.
This is a screen capture of the Preview view.


  1. In Document Studio, create or import a template.
  2. To preview or see the updates of the template as a document-style report:
    • Save changes (if any) made to the template. In the Preview view, click Preview.
    • If the Preview on Save checkbox is selected in the Preview view, the view is automatically refreshed by saving the template. For example, you can update the Preview view to reflect the latest changes by clicking Save (This is a Save button icon.) in the Document Studio toolbar.
  3. The status bar that indicates when the Preview view is loading is displayed towards the end of the Preview view window.
    This is a screeen capture of the Preview View loading.
    The extra wait time to load the view might occur when you are connecting to live data or fetching many records for queries that are defined in a template.
  4. The Preview view is populated with live data the first time that it runs. For subsequent refreshes of the Preview view, use the following buttons to choose whether to connect to the live data from your data source that is defined in your documentation specification (.dta), or to use cached data from your last document-style report generation to shorten the load time for refreshing the view:
    • The Click to stop using cached data during preview button icon. When the Cached data button is shown in the Preview view, you are requesting cached data.
    • The Click to use cached data during preview button icon. When the Live data button is shown in the Preview view, you are requesting live data.
    Tip: Any changes to the query definitions in the template will cause live data to be fetched in the next refresh of the Preview view. In addition, if the data on the live site changes, the Preview view does not show the data update when in cached data mode (The Click to stop using cached data during preview button icon.).
  5. By default this view shows the first 10 records of any query. To change the number of records that are displayed in the Preview view, in the toolbar of Document Studio select Window > Preferences > PUB > Engine Preferences. In the Preview query results limit (0 for none) field, specify an integer value for the number of records that you want to fetch.
    Preview query results limit (0 for none) preference.
  6. You can zoom in and out to enlarge or reduce the document-style report that is shown in the Preview View. Left-click the document-style report in the Preview view, and use keyboard shortcuts or scrolling actions.
    For example,
    Zoom in
    • Ctrl + +
    • Ctrl + scroll up on your mouse wheel or trackpad.
    Zoom out
    • Ctrl + -
    • Ctrl + scroll down on your mouse wheel or trackpad.
    Reset the zoom level to 100 percent
    Ctrl + 0
    For more information, see the video Live Document Preview.