Getting started with generating reports

The following topics provide important information to review before you publish document-style reports with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Publishing (PUB).


You can read the following topics before you generate reports.

Conceptual help topic on document specifications. Document specifications
Conceptual help topic on understanding the document specification properties. Document specification properties reference

Getting started

The following diagram shows the basic workflow for generating document-style reports by using Engineering Publishing.

Figure 1. Task flow for report generators. Click any area of the diagram to see more information.
Image map for getting started with generating reports Creating a document specification Adding templates to a document specification Data source connections Output properties Generating a document-style report with the document generation wizard

The following topics guide you through the tasks for generating reports.

Task help topic. Specifying the authentication type for a data source in a document specification
Task help topic. Configuring run time and formatting flags

Samples, tutorials, and videos

For more information, see the video Generate requirements document from DOORS Next Generation in the desktop client.