Managing synchronization

The preference parameter in Document Studio synchronizes a blank document specification with the current template. Having a blank document specification available allows you to test the template in isolation.

The Launcher is integrated in Document Studio and there are two run modes for the Launcher in this case:

  • Synchronized with Document Studio: This run mode supports testing of the current template in Document Studio. When running in this mode, you do not have to manually load document specifications because the Document Studio actions modify the document template. If the current template is not saved, you are prompted to save it before the output or the preview is generated. Canceling the save operation also cancels the document-style report generation.
  • Unsynchronized with Document Studio: In this run mode, the Launcher operates as a stand-alone application and is not affected by operations in Document Studio.

The synchronization ensures:

  • Data source configurations are preserved for existing data sources.
  • Data sources that are removed from the template are removed from the document specification as well.
  • New external variables that are defined in the templates become available in the document specification.
  • External variables that are deleted from the template are also deleted from the document specification.
  • The synchronization operation preserves the existing variable values in the document specification.
  • All data sources and external variables are shown in the document specification.