Setting up a data source to generate document-style reports about configurations

You can use a configuration URI to generate document-style reports that report on artifacts in configurations, if the project in your data source has enabled configuration management.

About this task

Configurations group a specific set of versioned artifacts. Configurations commonly identify one version, or referenceable state, of each artifact in the set. A team, for example, might group all the requirements for a specific component into a configuration, so it is easier to identify and work with all the requirements that are associated with that component.

Engineering Publishing discovers the URL of the OSLC delegated dialog box by reading the service provider resource of the configuration service.


  1. Create a data source connection.
  2. In the Add data source connection window, click Select button associated with the Configuration field.
  3. Enter relevant information such as Host IP address, port, and context root in Configuration provider field.
    Note: If the Publishing Document Builder is registered with a Jazz® Team Server (JTS), then the JTS Server name is pre-populated in the host details field.
  4. Select the Common providers from the list.
  5. Click Go.
    An embedded web browser displays the OSLC delegated dialog box for you to select the configuration.
  6. Select a project area.
  7. If applicable, select a component.
  8. Select a configuration from the list and click OK.


You can now generate configuration-aware documents with Publishing Document Builder.