Running the Newskeeper sample

This sample application uses the document generation node to produce document-style reports from news sources.

Before you begin

  • Deploy the Publishing Document Builder on an application server. See the topics for deploying to WebSphere┬« Liberty server.
    Important: To run the document-style report generation service sample applications successfully, you must deploy the document generation node on the same computer and port under the /dgaas URL, see the following example:
    • URL for document generation node: https://localhost:9080/dgaas
    • URL for document generation node sample applications: https://localhost:9080/dgaas.sample

About this task

The Newskeeper sample application (dgaas.sample.war) demonstrates the use of document generation node technology for generating document-style reports, and provides a storage interface for document-style report generation service resources and document-style reports.

This Newskeeper sample uses live RSS feeds to produce document-style reports. You can select the feed to publish from a user interface.

The Newskeeper sample is available as a web archive file, dgaas.sample.war, located in the document-builder directory under the installation directory for IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization Publishing. For example, C:\Program Files\IBM\PUB\Publishing Engine\document-builder\dgaas.sample.war.


  1. Deploy the dgaas.sample.war file on your application server.
    See the help documentation from your application server for deploying to WebSphere Liberty server.
  2. To run the Newskeeper sample (dgaas.sample.war), open the following URL in a browser:
    for example : https://localhost:9080/dgaas.sample/newskeeper/


The following Newskeeper sample should display in your browser:
index.html of the News Keeper sample